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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Churchill RG 355 Head Bolt tool

They pop up on E Bay UK quite often, be prepared to bid to about forty Pounds?

This one has been used twice, so just ten head bolts, being the ones on the lower side and under the camshaft carrier.

Well worth having and its an Imp collectors item, they will never de value!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Singer Chamois Sport engine picture

Seen here I have just removed the cars original sport specification engine from the car.

Note the dolly with wheels, its a great way to remove the engine from the Imps engine bay, at least one pair of castors should move 360 degrees.

The sprint build car was exported back to Scotland, the Police Clearance guys needed to see an engine in the car when they checked the numbers out.

The car was exported without an engine.

This engine was rebuilt with Hepolite Powermax plus 0.060" pistons, so is now
at 916 cc over the standard engines 875cc, that extra 41cc will make a difference! its a plus 4.5% more.

The guys at the forwarding company were really helpfull.


Monday, 9 July 2012

An early Mk1 Hillman Imp XHS 27

This car will be about fifty years old now, thats if it exists?  The driver looks like one of the Rootes Scotland employees?

Was this the man who collected Mr McBride ?

I am assuming this is the same car and driver.

Hillman Imp XHS 27 would appear to be a works driven car, it appears on page 57 as the same car and in plate 84 of the book writen by Bob Allan Geoffrey Rootes dream for Linwood.
In that picture a works driver Mr Anderson is holding the door open for a Mr EF McBride who was 77 at that time. He was to be driven to the Rootes Scotland factory at Linwood that morning.

The same car is pictured again on page 62 on plate 96 when Mr McBride is leaving the Imp factory after his visit.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Roys 998cc race Imp at Killarney, Cape Town.

When this picture was taken, I had sold the race Imp to my good friend Clive Cohen and gone blue water sailing to Brasil, this was around 1977. Clive was and is no stranger to the circuit and was soon driving the car himself.

This picture has as far as I am aware, has never been published before. The 998cc Imp is being driven by Clive Cohen, the year is around 1977, that looks like a Renault Gordini 1300cc on the outside, with a 1200cc Toyota behind the Imp? The place is Killarney outside Cape Town, Clive supplied the picture, I have no idea who took it.

The same car and when driven by myself, an Eric Wells photgraph and taken at the corner before the picture above.

 Imps racing were and still are an uncommon sight in South Africa, the first was Bob Kelsey, who won the SA Saloon Car Championship in 1966, that car was later driven by a guy named Koenraad Spammer. I have met the man as he came to visit me some years back. Next was myself and in 1972, the car was a basic Mk1 Imp with 998cc parts from the Rootes Competitions Department. I drove that car to a forth postition over all in the local Argus Saloon Car Championships before the race committee banned the car for having twin Weber dcoe 40 carbs. This is the car in the picture and in a club event driven by Clive Cohen at Killarney.

The other two drivers are Gavin (doc) Ritchie, he drove his own 875cc engined car at Zwartkops in 2007/8 and Terence Tracey, who again has an 875cc engine with plus 30 thou pistons and also at Zwartkops, Terence finished second in his class last year.

So thats six drivers in four cars since 1966!