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Sunday, 23 June 2013

For sale a new Hillman Imp, circa 1973

In this case the new means rebuilt and to a high standard.

The title papers are with me now, first registered and on January 1st 1973, so the car was built in 1972.

The car is sound and is waiting for a new owner, the original block exists and is now a 998cc size, its never run as this size engine either.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

This was that car sent to Scotland and not the car on offer, the picture shows the standard of finish possible.

The car is for sale and as a project to keep me busy, more or less as a cost plus deal, it can be supplied as standard engine type, sport or to your order.

This is the 1972/3 car on offer, its a car that has been dry stored for decades.

The car is In Cape Town, South Africa and can be finished to order and shipped world wide. One was finished as a race car and shipped back to Scotland last year.

Pricing is on specification, engine, disc brakes etc, plus the finish required.



Imp front disc brakes

Some fifty years after the Hillman Imp came out the Linwood,Scotland, factory I have upgraded our 1967 Singer Chamois to a set of front disc brakes.

They are working, the pads are bedding in, using the 0.65" master cylinder does not give the peddle feel I am told the larger one off the sport does but pressed firmly we stop just fine.

Note the joint at the end of the steering arm, thats off the Ford Fiesta, as is the brake caliper. The discs are Ford Ka and 240mm in diameter, suitable for the 13" rims on this car. You will need the smaller Ford Fiesta disc if using 12" diameter rims.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hillman Imp front disc brake kits

We have IMPorted a few of these kit sets, they are easy to fit and are well engineered.

You will need to source your own Ford Fiesta front disc calipers and when using 13" wheel rims the Ford KA 240mm diameter discs.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Smiths RVI-5000 rev counter wire diagram

Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the 2" RVI-5000 type Smiths revolutions counter?

I have one and it fitted but not connected, it has wires and two terminals at the rear of the unit and behind a round plastic cover.

One wire is brown and is next to a terminal marked 8cyl, the other is blue and next to a terminal marked 4 & 6 cyl, I have read the blue connects to the 4 & 6 cyl, is this correct?

From the base of the unit are two white wires, said to be connected between the coils white/black wire to the distributor? there is also a red wire, does that go to a switched power source at the ignition key?

There is a red wire with a white trace, thats to the light bulb, so goes to the cars lighting circuit.

Does anyone know how to connect this unit, I would hate to fry it up!

WANTED FOR FREE, I will then post it on these Imp blog pages :)


Monday, 10 June 2013

Smiths RVI 5000 rev counter on an Imp

Well its now installed but not yet connected, the unit came with no wire diagram, does anyone have one they can supply me?

This two inch dial Smiths RVI rev counter is just perfect for a car the size of the 1967 Singer Chamois we have (Hillman Imp)
Contact me for the way to install it without drilling holes in your car!


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fitting Ford KA disc brakes to a Singer Chamois

In the case the car is the 1967 Singer Chamois we have owned about twenty years, it could of course be the Hillman Imp or one of the many varients, such as Sunbeam or Husky.

This is what was coming off.

This is what was going on, the discs are the Ford KA 240mm diameter size, the calipers are off Fords Fiesta.  The kit with link plates, bolts and special braided stainless steel fluid hose came from Colin Valentine in the UK. (recomended)

Note, the 240mm diameter disc will only fit inside a 13" wheel rim, for the Imps standard 12" rim use the Ford Fiesta 220mm brake disc.

The calipers were stripped and cleaned, they needed new dust seals, the ones sold for Nissan Sabre / Sentra/ Pulsar/ Langey,worked fine in this case. The actual seals in the kits were the wrong size but the Ford ones were re usable. New Ferodo type Premier FDB589 brake pads were fitted.

The finished job and with the wheel arch repainted.

The work is not too complicated and given you have some spanners, a hammer and a power drill with a 10mm drill, you should do both sides of the car in a single day.
Colin Valentine also supplies a picture assembly page, instructions too!

This is the third set he has supplied locally and in the past eighteen months.

Open the link for more on the kits. http://royckdboats.blogspot.com/2012/12/hillman-imp-front-disc-brake-kits.html


Hillman Imp or Singer Chamois drive shaft couplers

Can we use another car makers coupler?

Well we can, if you are an Imp Club Forum member there is lots posted by myself here. http://forum.theimpclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=24534&p=237326#p237326

The Ford Transit and Ford Granada used them, so did the Lotus Elan, also the Triumph Herald type cars/

The JoLon Imp Rotoflex by Ford

Postby African Imp » Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:52 am
These were not fitted to the JoLon Imp but had we had the time to courier them out, this is what I would have supplied to Terence and Geoff.

We can not just buy genuine Rotoflex here in South Africa, I have some used spares in fair condition and one S.U.K type which are junk, then I discovered we can
order the ones used by Ford.

I was told by the motor factors who bought in about ten of these for me, that they are off the Ford Grenada 3ltr drive shaft, if anyone can say or proove otherwise I would be pleased to hear from them.

The main issue is they are the right inner and outer size, they do need the square holes triming down, that can be done with a thin disc easy enough (use safety glasses) the holes are a bit over sized, I had a set of thin wall sleeves made up, look inside the holes on the right hand side one. They may be re usable, time will tell, either way they fit and work just fine :)

Searching on Google I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z76VwSomok

Seems the Ford Transait van and the Ford Granada uses the rubber couplers !

The one on the left is as they are when purchased, the one with the shaft spider is after trimming the bolt holes to length and adding a thin walled steel spacer tube.

From my entry today and on the story of the now famous JoLon Imp adventure!

While this posting is off the LoLon Imps story line, I would like to think that the topic is relevent to the subject of drive couplers and may help others who require new drive shaft couplers?

In this case its a 1967 Singer Chamois, the coupler has been on some months now, with the drive spider having a new seal surface fitted due to transmision oil loss. The repair went fine and the picture prooves this after part from another car manufacturer will work on our Imps.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/drive-shaft-coupling £30.32