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Friday, 22 June 2012

The Hillman Imp block stiffener plate

Made in 8mm alloy plate this CNC cut plate makes the old type I understood only supported the three crank mains look weak.

The complete set, the mains caps will still require machine work to fit the three alloy spacer caps. Made by a specialist in the UK, there is little point in trying to copy whats already made.


A Hillman Imps tow bar bracket

This I have never seen before but one was on Ebay UK some weeks back.

This would be quite simple to copy, the main load is taken via the now unused Crank Handle hole, then the load is distributed to the side chassis rails, quite simple to fit too.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Roys 1967 Singer Chamois at the HBYC

My normal parking space inside the Hout Bay Harbour is outside the Hout Bay Yacht Club, some say I have been a HBYC member for thirty three (33) years?

The car is now forty five years old, still on a standard 875cc bore and pistons, I rebuilt a spare motor a few years back and it goes really well. With 13 inch steel rims and lower and wider tyres, Monte Carlo lower road springs the handling is really positive.

Nice car even after all these years, note the the Imp Club will have a huge 2013 meeting in Coventry next year to mark the cars 50th founding year!



Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sport Imp accessories brochure

Some of these parts I have never seen, this includes that arm rest!

Rootes Scotland really had a fine line up of extras at that time.

Has anyone got a set of those bullet wing mirrors for me?


Loading a race Imp onto a trailer

There are many ways to move cars, the better way is to hire a proffesional company to both lift and then transport the car.

The lift is done by one man, he collects then delivers, off loads and thats it.



Looking under the Hillman Imp petrol tank

This is of course normally impossible but with the Imp sprint car having air intake holes in the front of the cars cross panel, we could now see whats inside and under the tank.

The Imps front mounted water radiator, its off  VW Golf? when removed its quite easy to look inside and under the tank.

Note the master cylinders to the left, center is the fuel line fitting, you need a 7/16" open ended spanner to lossen that fitting. Right is the twin pipes to take cooling water to the rear of the car, we used the  existing and removable floor plate to weld pipes through.


Monday, 4 June 2012

How to machine a welded top edge of the Imp block

Check the link, pictures will be posted here later.


There are three parts to this blog now, the rest of the story will follow.

Is this 998cc Hillman Imp alloy block scrap, lets find out!

To date I have first milled the excess welds off the blog using a milling cutter and special jig (easy to make) then finding that the Timing Chain Cover was higher than the block, revised the jig and then milled that away. This now means I can re use that jig for the same purpose at any time later.

The re fitting of the steel 998cc liners went to plan, I devised a method of removing the alloy that was stopping the liners fitting, the next morning it was cooler than the previous afternoon when I had re fitted the liners and I found the liners would not come out again. I placed the block outside in the morning sun, when the block had warmed up the liners would come out. So even using my hands on method I was seeing a reasonable tollerence fit.

These methods you can do yourself, you will need a decent electric router and a drill, plus some machine tools you can buy easy enough. More on the subject later.