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Monday, 25 January 2016

The wide wheels for an Imp

There are two sets of 13" available for me, both sets were specially made.

These are 5 1/2" wide.


Imp mark 2 cylinder head

These I have worked on an set up so many times that I have no idea how many?

Two hundred?

It could be.


Imp cylinder head valve seals

These I have developed using bronze for the guides and a press on oil control seal.

Seen here with a new  Imp Sport valve 

Contact me for pricing.


Imp Californian export car

This car has an RCO export Vin plate.

The car was found with Mozambique plates on it and was originally painted white.

The original engine block is still in the car, only the piston rings were changed and a Sport cylinder head and manifolds fitted.


We have a lot of sand in Hout Bay

Seen here and inside one of the now useless car parks near the local beach.

The engine is running and never smokes or uses any oil.

The crank is still on its original bearings, the pistons are the originals, I changed the piston rings about eight years back.


Wider rims for the Hillman Imp

These suit the Imp Californian and are very much part of the car and how it looks.

New tyres!

Imp with new tyres all round

The Rostyle rims have been on the car at least twenty years.

They are 13" sized and were original equipment on an Opal I was told.

The rims were reversed to give the wide rim effect.

Even the spare has a new tyre fitted, that is the original 12" size to allow it to fit in the space supplied in an Imp.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Engen filling station in Hout Bay

This is quite close to where I live.

An award winning Engen petrol station too.

The car is my 1967 Hillman Californian Imp.


The Imp Club Forum

This is open to none members who have to register, the idea being that in time you then join The Imp Club, which is the best thing you can do as an Imper.


New red 2K paints work for me, I applied the paints myself.


Hillman Californian Imp

The interior of the car still needs the head liner and the carpets, once they are installed the window rubber stainless trims can be re fitted.

One and a half years into the restoration I can see the end of the works will be in the next few weeks.


Engen petrol people

This is in Hout Bay and Sunday morning today January 24th 2016

Ten litres was just short of R120 and I use the LRP option petrol.


Hillman Imp Californian progress in South Africa

The work continues but the main part and the body restoration is now behind me.

The cars 13" Rostyle wheel rims are now back on the car.