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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bob Kelsey tries the Zulu Warrior Hillman Imp for size

When Terence Tracey held a garden party for Bob Kelsey a lot of Impers turned up to greet Bob, he was the man who took the circuits of South Africa in his 998cc Hillman Imp back in 1966.

Thanks for this Terence.


Bob Kelsey Hillman Imp is in the lead

This picture was posted on the Terence Tracey Facebook page, its one I have never seen.

Dated around 1966 when Bob was cleaning up in the South African Saloon Car Championships.

Terence is the man behind the successful JoLon Imp drive to Coventry, UK.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Singer Chamois, a winter weather break in the Cape

With massive storms,a ship on the beach on the east coast, Claremont,  a Hout Bay fishing boat wrecked on Robben Island this is sure not the right time to be out at sea.

Note, unkown to myself, the salvors were busy taking the ship off the beach the same day I did this blog.

Click on any picture for a larger view and see more detail.

Then the rain stopped, I took the 1967 Singer Chamois out for a drive to warm it up and charge the battery, things sure look good when the sun comes out!

The car does really need a wipe down with a leather but the paint still looks ok.
Why does this car drive so well? It may be the part specification sport motor and with the twin Strombergs and Hartwell small bore exhaust?

Then again it may be the new clutch, pressure plate and release bearing, or the new set of Monte Carlo road springs, the 13" x 5J wider  wheels and 165-65-13R Firestone tyres, or the new set of  front disc brakes, I guess all together this is just a great car!

The original Singer engine cover is in the paint shop for a refurbish, when its finished this standard Hillman Imp one will go back into storage.

We have owned this Singer Chamois for twenty years, it was my wifes daily driver for thirteen years and it could do the same again now.

The engine bay was repainted when I removed the engine to fit the new clutch. 

Is this car for sale, I am not sure why not make me an offer?


Note, the sunshine did not last long, I had to quickly park the Singer Chamois in its garage, then drive down to the local  harbour in the Ford Bantam 1600i Sport (mazda engine) rather that gets wet than our Singer!

The Mazda engine is a cross flow, with fuel injection it puts out around 108bhp and makes for a good bridge between a road car and a daily work horse. Ford chose to use the Mazda engine over their own 1600 version.