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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Orginal Hillman Imp steering rack gaiter set

This was a purchase I was fortunate to make from a fellow Imp Club member, which does rather underline the value of being a club member.

These are not the copies being made now but the genuine thing and as made by Engproducs and fitted to the Imp. (was a letter T ever supposed to be in that name, will we ever know?)

I do have a spare steering rack, so the rubbers can be fitted and its an easier and faster change over then.
you need to fit the drag links and with one end boot fitted, pour in a half pint of hypoid gear oil from the open end.

Re fit that end boot and you can then refit the assembly to the steering rack mounts.

For club membership and other related items,  please view the Imp Clubs new web site  at the address www.theimpclub.com


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hillman Imp steering rack rubber gaiter

Mine may be all of 47 years old, or if I changed it when the car was taken apart 20 years ago, then rebuilt,its still 20 years old!

This is what a set looks like, there are two 13mm holes on the other side of the long tube with the fluted sections, the track rod bolts go through those holes.

They are marked as being made by Engproducs, both the main unit and the two end covers.

Its been a matter of discussion for years as to why the letter T in Products was left out?


Monday, 1 July 2013

Re fix of a Hillman Imp steering rack gaiter, works!

Weeks later and after a decent drive to Suikerbossie hill (sugarbush) and back, plus a Shell filling station for petrol, I do another visual and the fix holds and with no leaks of hypoid oil that I can see.

Works for me!

Two weeks later and I have just done a visual check to see if this idea has done the job?

There was an oil drip on the repair end, re tightening the screw clamp should have fixed that, it also prooves that the single rubber cap end on the other side of the steering rack was enough oil to work to the far end of the rack. I have since put another end cap of Shell Sprirax SAE 80W-90 heavy duty gear oil into the rack. With the low milage I tend to do in this car we should be ok for the time being?

The original story starts below:

These are very long lasting, the one on our 1967 Singer Chamois may be the original, if not its at least twenty years old and from the rebuild I did back then.

I had seen that the gaiter had come free of the bellows section on the right hand side, oil had gone and the free end would allow sand and dirt to enter if not fixed.

Seen here I have done a stop gap repair.

A new rubber gaiter is GBP30 by the time I get it here I expect that to be GBP50 with postage, duty and vat, more maybe?

In this case it was the very end that had come free.

The steering rack gaiter on the Singer had split right around where the right hand clip is.
A new one will be 50 quid by the time it gets here, plus its a big job to remove and refit the
entire rack.
This was last refitted twenty years back? I dont remember fitting a new one, if its the original
its now 47 years old and has done 99,300 miles or so.
The trick was to remove the old clip and what was now a rubber band underneath it, then with
a new clip and sliding the gaiter alone 3/8" re fasten it, as you can see its ok, will it work and
for how long?
Not all oil had gone from the gear end, so no damage was done, I took the rubber end cap off and
filled it with Hypoid oil, popped it back on and tightened the clip quickly, seems good.
With luck this will save someone out there some time and money?
Note the disc brake, working better and better now as the pads bed in.

Roys Imp front disc brakes work

In use about a month now, to start the brake peddle had a soft feel, the brakes were working though so I thought to leave it a while and see what happened?  The standard 0.65" master cylinder is still being used, I am told the 0.70" one from the Sport Imps will firm up the braking?

Click on the picture for a larger image.

I put some miles on them and bit by bit the peddle pressure firmed up, in fact the pressure is just about right now. Some heavy stops on a clear road from about 50mph seems to have bedded the brakes pads in.

This extra is a worthwhile addition to any Hillman Imp, ours is a 1967 Singer Chamois with around 99,350 miles on the odometer.