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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Springbok series in 1968,Killarney,Cape Town.

I guess this kind of info and picture was once common place but 1968 is now all of 44 years back, time moves on, the pictures vanish. Some times the pictures stay but the photographer moves on?

Doug Serrurier and Jackie Pretorius ,drivers of this three hour race in the car seen below.

My thanks to Eric for sharing these historic photos and information with us.

Hi Roy,

Use the attached as you wish – they were taken at the 3-hour race at Killarney on 18th November 1968! Interestingly, I remembered that Mike D’Udy had broken the SA Land Speed record at Verneuk Pan while he was here and so I Googled the name and found that –

·         David Piper took his Ferrari 412P there on 29th November 1967 and set a time of 189.41mph – 304.825kph and then

·         Mike D’Udy took his Lola T70 there on 13th January 1968 and increased the record to 191.8mph – 308.671kph.

That set the approximate time of the event and I then found a website called Racing Sports Cars – www.racingsportscars.com and found the results of the 3-hour –

·         Paul Hawkins (an Australian) was first in his Lola T70,

·         David Piper was second in the Ferrari,

·         Doug Serrurier and Jackie Pretorius (local South Africans – but Doug Serrurier was a very interesting person) shared the open Lola T70 into third,

·         Mike D’Udy was fourth and

·         Eddie Nelson was fifth in his silver Ford GT40 #1009.

I hope I can find the negatives to scan and improve the pics.

I have a few more pictures to scan in due course…….!!

Best Regards,

Eric Wells

...the Beancounter

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